Easi-Grip Carving Fork
The Easi Grip Carving Fork is designed specifically for people with difficulty using hands and wrists
Arthritis can make many previously pleasurable tasks, such as carving the Thanksgiving turkey a painful experience
This gadget has been ergonomically designed and features a large grip with upright handle
This design keeps your hand and wrist in a neutral position thereby using the arm to do the work
A must for Dad at Thanksgiving time when he takes his usual place at the table and does the carving (works well for Mom too!)

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Easi-Grip Carving Fork

The Easi-Grip Carving Fork easily pierces many meats and aids in holding food while cutting. Carving Fork measures 5 3/4 inches long.The handles of Easi-Grip Knives and Utensils are molded in a soft feel plastic, which gives a firm comfortable grip in either hand. The stainless steel tools are set at 90 degrees from the handle, keeping the hand and wrist in a neutral stress free position.Easi-Grip Knives and Kitchen Tools are supremely comfortable for everyone to use, but will be particularly beneficial for those with decreased hand and wrist strength. All items are dishwasher safe.Easi-Grip Carving Fork Features:Blade is set at 90 degrees from the handle. Unique handle keeps hand and wrist in a stress free position.Easi-Grip Carving Fork Specifications:Length: 5 3/4 inches.Includes: One Easi Grip Carving Fork.
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