Easy Turn Tap Turners
This Derby Easy Turn Tap Turners Disability Aid Screw on Handles are fantastic products for anyone having trouble turning a tap on and off
Arthritis in the hands can make taps a no go zone but this easy to use gadget makes the job as easy as it once was
The added leverage together with using the forearm to turn the tap means our loved one regains more of their independence
Color coded for safety
Can be used anywhere in the house, perfect for the kitchen, bathroom or the laundry

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Derby Easy Turn Tap Turners – Coloured Plastic Disability Aid Screw on Handles

Features: Handle Length: 9cm, Width: 7cm, Height: 4.5cm, For use with taps up to 6cm in diameter

These easy to use Derby Tap Turners that can be used on capstan and crystal Style taps. The textured handles provide a secure grip enabling easy use. No tools are required due to the screw handle that grips the tap with soft, non-slip, rubber linings in the jaws, providing the leverage to turn them easily. The jaws can also be locked in position.

Designed to reduce loading on the wrist joints by providing extra leverage for users with weak strength to operate taps.

Colour coded in red and blue so that those with limited vision can identify the required tap.

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