Ettore 49036 Grip ‘n Grab
This gadget is great for Arthritis sufferers
Sturdy construction with rubberized jaws to assist with holding objects
Biggest feature is an articulating head that turns 90 degrees
allowing both vertical and horizontal to be picked up without changing the orientation of the handle
Has an ergonomically designed grip to help arthritic hands
Available in 2 sizes 36 inches and 50 inches (making it one of the longest available)
A must for around the house and outside in the garden

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Ettore 49036 Grip’n Grab Reach Tool, 34-Inch

Features: Multi-purpose pick up and clean tool is great for inside and outside a home; rust-proof, Features lightweight aluminum and plastic construction for sleek profile that reaches into tight spaces, Articulation head turns 90 degree; its versatility can pick up object high or low without bending or straining, Comfort grip reduces repetitive motion fatigue and rubberized jaws securely holds up to 5 pounds

Multi-purpose pick-up and clean-up tool is great for use in the home and around the yard. Also provides help for the physically disabled. Comfortable handle and rubberized jaws allow for easy retrieval of objects high and low. Say goodbye to hand, arm, back or knee strain when you extend your reach with the Grip’n Grab. Recommended for lifting items up to 5 pounds.
List Price: $26.15 USD
New From: $14.47 USD In Stock