Key Turner Hole-In-One
A perfect gadget for those suffering from Arthritis in the hands
The 5” handle is perfect for Arthritic hands
Provides leverage
The gadget holds up to 3 keys
Mom can now use her keys and it doesn’t hurt at all

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Key Turner Hole-In-One

Features: People with limited hand dexterity or arthritis can manipulate keys with ease, This 5″ handle allows users to grasp the holder with their full hand and provides added leverage for turning keys, Can hold up to 3 keys, Will accommodate keys with a hole 3/16 in diameter or larger

The handle can be grasped in two ways, either with the fingers inserted through the hollow center or around the outside. One or two keys fit into the slots and are held by a single screw. Holds house door keys as well as most car keys (without plastic key head covers). The keys fold back toward the inner curved side of the holder. Has a hole for a wrist strap, key chain, key ring or for hanging on a hook. 5¨ (12.7 cm) long.
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