Lu La Bath Brush Gift Set – Adjustable Handle with 5 Interchangable Head
A wonderful gadget for the bathroom
Designed to help reach out of the way areas when bathing
If arthritis has reduced your capacity to move shoulders and arms
This may be a product for you
It comes with 5 different attachments to help do everything from your back to your feet
It has a longer handle than a normal brush and
Can be adjusted to 3 different angles

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Lu La Bath Brush Gift Set – Adjustable Handle with 5 Interchangable Head

Features: A long 23 inches for ease of use., Adjustable to 3 different angles to contour to your back, Folds in half for easy storage, 5 different heads included, 1 year warranty against breakage

Pamper yourself five different ways! Give yourself a different spa experience with each different brush head. This brush will make your showers special. Its adjustable to three different angles so a person can easily wash their back and feet. Its adjustable to 3 different angles so it follows the contours of your back. Its a long 23 inches to clean and massage your feet. The box everything you need to pamper yourself five different ways: Nylon brush, Loofah, Sponge, Sponge/Brush combo and a Pumice Stone. 5 brushes in one package!

The plastic handle and body is very mold resistant and will out last every other brush you’ve ever owned. Why continuously buy bath brushes? If it ever gets dirty just wash in hot water and its clean again!

Also available as a single handle and single head.

List Price: $29.95 USD
New From: $29.95 USD In Stock