Playing Card Holders, Set of 2
Mom has always loved to play cards with her friends
The Arthritis in her hands had made this a painful experience
No way could she hold cards in her hands for an extended period
Another simple pleasure lost?
Not anymore!
With this gadget she is back playing cards in the company of her friends
The card holder is freestanding so there is no more need to hold the cards
A simple cost effective solution for a painful problem

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Playing Card Holders, Set of 2

Features: Holds standard or oversized cards, Stand on a table or hold in your hand, Organizes hands for easier play

Playing cards could be more enjoyable with these card holders which let you play hands free! Lets you concentrate more on the game rather than worrying about hand cramps and holding a full hand of cards.
List Price: $9.95 USD
New From: $6.50 USD In Stock