Potato Masha
The potato masha is without doubt one of the best gadgets I have ever seen for people with Arthritis.
My Mom no longer struggles to use the old manual masher.
It had a large on/off switch and is simple to use,
Comes with full instructions and in no time at all you can be making mashed potatoes just like you used to without any effort
In fact, you will be able to mash more potatoes in less time than you ever have
Cleaning in a breeze, simply rinse under the tap when done, then place in the dish washer or with the rest of the washing up
Very easy to swap and remove blade attachment
You will never have lumpy mash again

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Features: The patented ROTOR-CONE technology in the Masha uses a low speed rotor to force ingredients through an outer mesh. This produces a perfect consistent mix in seconds.^The Masha works brilliantly on the following: All types of potatoes, guacamole and refried beans, pastry, cake mixes, baby food and a lot more!^The Masha is compact, easy to clean and safe for dishwashers.^A spring loaded mechanism locks the shaft when the power unit is detached, allowing the Rotor Blade to be removed with a simple turn and click. This means there are no places for ingredients to hide, making wash-up a breeze.^MANUFACTURER’S 30-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!!!

The Masha uses patented Rotor Cone technology to gently squeeze potato through an outer mesh. The result is restaurant quality, smooth creamy mash in seconds. Easy to clean and safe for dishwashers, Masha is as friendly on non-stick pots as it is on busy mums. So bid farwell to lumpy mash once and for all. The key to consistently smooth, creamy mashed potato is to remove all the lumps without over-processing. Conventional high speed cutting and chopping blades over-process and rupture the starch grains producing a glue like consistency. The patented ROTOR-CONE technology in the Masha uses a low speed rotor to force mash through an outer mesh. This produces mash with a perfect consistency and no lumps, in seconds.
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