Single Handed Cutting Board
This cutting board has been designed so people with limited use of arms and hands, can cut and prepare food
If your Arthritis is making it difficult to hold food whilst trying to cut or slice,
this is probably the answer
Combine this product with a suitable knife and you will be able to prepare most foods
The board has aluminium spikes to hold the food whilst cutting,
as well as 4 rubber suction feet to stop the board moving
A simple but well thought out gadget that provides a solution for everyday life

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Single Handed Cutting Board

Features: Great work surface to make sandwiches, slice meats and chop vegetables, Two spikes hold tightly onto the food that you need to slice, Two raised corner pieces hold bread in place as you spread toppings, Ideal for preparing a meal for yourself or for others, Suction cup base holds board in one place

Cut and prepare food on this plastic paring board. The aluminum food spikes hold food while cutting. And this durable board has rounded edges and is easy to clean with removable corner retainers. Four rubber suction feet hold the board in place while working and the two food guards prevent food from sliding off the board.
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